Cloud applications that meet every regulation

Azure Stack addresses many previous cloud data security concerns

In global deployment contexts, sometimes you need to host different instances of the same application on public or private cloud, depending on your business and technical needs. You can now develop and deploy applications in Azure (public), with full flexibility to deploy on-premises using Azure Stack (private) to meet your specific regulatory or policy requirements, without changing any code.

Azure Stack delivers public cloud funtionality to your own data center offering greatly improved levels of control over your company’s data security and availability. The relevance of this when dealing with governance issues is obvious.

This is particularly of benefit to:

  • Government bodies
  • The financial sector
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Insurance companies

A note on GDPR compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the European Commission’s forthcoming data privacy law that will levy penalties of up to 5 percent of a company’s global turnover and supersede all existing relevant legislation.

While moving your public cloud apps to Azure Stack certainly won’t solve all of your GDPR compliance issues in one easy step, relocating sensitive cloud-based personal information to “on premises” will place your company’s cloud data squarely under your own control – and one of the key strengths of Azure Stack is that it helps companies achieve that.

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