Edge and Disconnected Solutions

Bring the public cloud to your own premises

From factory floors to oil rigs and other remote sites, Azure Stack customers are harnessing the power of a truly consistent hybrid cloud technology to enable aggregated analytics and decision-making.

For enterprises that have remote locations that are too far away from network infrastructures to provide viable connections to the public cloud, Azure Stack, brings the public cloud to you. Typical customer use cases include:

  • Real-time latency requirements
  • Networking connectivity issues
  • Local data processing such as Internet Of Things (IOT)

A big plus point is that NTT are a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute partner. Meaning that you can leverage a much faster private network connection to Azure cloud as ExpressRoute connections don’t go over the public internet. This gives you the advantage of greater reliability, much faster speeds and lower latencies than offered by typical cloud service providers. This is an essential component when building out a fully functioning and scalable Hybrid cloud ecosystem.


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