Discover the benefits of using Azure Stack

through the customer use cases

Edge and Disconnected Solutions


Cloud computing is going through a fundamental shift where the traditional model of accessing highly centralized resources is being substituted by a disrupted, decentralized architecture. The new paradigm called ‘Edge Computing’, brings the core building blocks of cloud – compute, storage and networking – ¬†closer to the need. This scenario brings together the best of edge computing and cloud computing to unlock business value that was not possible until now.

Cloud applications that meet every regulation

Develop and deploy global applications in Azure and then optionally deploy to Azure Stack to handle customer requirments for regulations. If you are in government or a regulated industry (finance or healthcare etc.), you will obviously have data sovereignty and security concerns when it comes to cloud based data. Are you at a loss about data privacy and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Then Azure Stack is probably for you.

True Hybrid Cloud

Build modern applications across cloud and on-premises …and do it only once. Apply Azure web and mobile services, containers, serverless computing and microservice architectures to update and extend your legacy applications with Azure Stack –¬†while using a consistent DevOps process in both cloud and on-premises deployments. Use Azure and Azure Stack for building an agile hybrid cloud environment that meets your changing business needs.