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Azure Stack – building an end-to-end validation environment

Technical White Paper

HOT OFF THE PRESS! In this guide, Microsoft provide information to help you plan for an end-to-end Azure Stack validation environment using the Azure Stack Development Kit. They cover many of the core concepts required to build a functional Azure Stack environment, including subscriptions, services, quotas, plans, and offers. You'll learn about the constructs and configurable options available in Azure Stack, and see how to tackle the key considerations that go into planning a successful implementation.

Azure and Azure Stack Resource Manager

Technical White Paper

This whitepaper is intended for IT Professionals and Developers. Whether you currently have an existing Infrastructure as Code solution, you are evaluating the available solutions or already decided to start with Microsoft Azure services, this whitepaper is written for you. The content covers the end to end process for creating, deploying and managing applications with Azure Resource Manager, the foundation of the Microsoft cloud.