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Azure Stack blog post 1 of 3: The Way Cloud is Moving

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"The way cloud is moving" - is the first in a series of three blog posts from Jason Tomlinson, our head of product management focusing on the key use cases of Azure Stack. This first one talks about the emergence of edge computing and its relevance to hybrid cloud.

Azure Stack blog post 2 of 3: Satisfying regulations in the cloud

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I often see companies confusing governance with management. But they are very different beasts. Managing the cloud is about maximizing processes and making sure objectives are met in full compliance with defined governance. Governance continuously monitors and audits rules and regulations, making sure they are met. But, having said that, it is important management and governance work together to optimize and secure cloud infrastructures....

Azure Stack blog post 3 of 3: Hybrid Cloud – Controlling the Future

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When the first frost comes, I become obsessed with tuning into the weather, and I know I’m not the only one. Have I topped up the anti-freeze? Do I need to invest in all-weather tyres? And so the list goes on. CIOs have just as many questions about moving to the cloud....