Test Your Application Capability on Azure Stack in our state-of-the-art cloud engineering labs

Why start now?

Test your applications with a PoC

Hit the ground running

Understand impacts on IT service delivery

Prepare IT teams

Experience new capabilities in an Azure Stack environment

Batteries Included

The implementation of a Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview Proof of Concept (PoC) allows you to get a head start with Azure Stack. It allows you to test your use cases and become familiar with Azure Stack, with the objective of being able to deploy Microsoft Azure Stack in a production environment as soon as possible and leverage the full benefits of a true hybrid cloud supporting complete workload portability.

NTT Com are offering a “batteries included” proof of concept of your applications on an Azure Stack server located in an NTT European data center, with the Azure Stack software loaded on your dedicated test server and wrapped with guidance from the best engineering support available on this topic today.

The offer includes:

What’s in the box?

Note: With NTT Com you are not simply renting time on an Azure Stack server node. With our PoC you get a professionally managed application testing facility with agreed outcomes.

The cost and conditions

A small charge will be applied to cover the costs for renting the single node server. The access to Microsoft qualified engineering support is supplied free of cost – to a pre-agreed limit. Each PoC request will be evaluated by NTT Com to ensure that the goals are in line with the overall objectives of pre-testing an application in the Azure Stack environment. Though unlikely, we retain the right to refuse access to these facilities for those projects that do not fall into this scope.

The rental costs for the single node test server (and therefore the full costs for the PoC) will be fully refunded, should you sign up to take Azure Stack managed services from NTT Com within 12 months of the completed PoC.

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