Date published: 22nd September 2017Category: Articles

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NTT Com Managed Services are pleased to announce the release of our latest eBook “The CIO’s Travel Guide to Azure Stack” This handy guide is a the perfect go-to tool for anyone looking to better understand the benefits, advantages and suitability of Hybrid Cloud and Microsoft Azure Stack.

“Azure is targeted at several audiences. There are enterprises who are migrating to cloud and investing in cloud-based tools and applications, but still want to keep some specific applications on-premises. Others are looking for as much flexibility as possible where their applications can perform best. In addition, Azure can be used to “push to the edge of the cloud” such as in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications including smart parking meters and manufacturing.”

Azure Stack is a compelling solution to data management, allowing business to outsource operations using a Managed Service provider. NTT Com Managed Service provide users with ongoing support, automation tools and systems across a multi-cloud environment. IT teams will be given the time to focus on R&D, increasing their bottom line growth.

To find out more about Azure Stack, and how NTT Com can help your business benefit from cloud synergy, download the eBook today.