Date published: 6th July 2017Category: News

Capacity Media have produced a piece on the early adoption of Azure Stack by NTT Communications. Partnering with Dell EMC to provide services across Europe, and HPE to the U.S, NTT Com will offer Managed Services to bring cloud capabilities to their customers in-house. Follow the link to read the article.

In support of the new offering, NTT Com is rolling out the product across Europe and the US to provide customers with full migration and outsourcing services in preparation for the product launch, in September 2017.

“We are delighted to be an early supporter of Microsoft Azure Stack,” said Hirofumi Miyama the senior vice president, head of managed services at NTT Com. “Azure Stack is a game changing product and a strategic part of our cloud services portfolio moving forward. It is particularly relevant to those customers who have been previously held back from Hybrid Cloud adoption, due to data sovereignty rules or governance regulations. Azure Stack will provide our customers with a faster, secure solution that will enable them to truly optimize their cost and performance, and meet the increasing demands of business on IT.”

Azure Stack allows you to bring cloud computing capabilities on premises and into the enterprise data center. Meaning that hybrid cloud customers now have the flexibility and capability to meet the growing business objectives around data transformation strategy.

Read the full article here.