Date published: 10th August 2017Category: Articles

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This eBook is the definitive travel guide for any CIO, or IT decision maker, setting out on the enterprise journey of your career. Looking to discover and capture the business benefits of hybrid cloud in changing and complex terrain. It maps the highs and the lows and explains why ultimately Managed Service Providers (MSPs) make the best Sherpas to help navigate your secure path.


The CIO was once seen as the gatekeeper of the technology infrastructure, responsible for controlling end-to-end decision making. Today the CIO is seen as the enabler, responsible for overseeing a vast IT estate. A large part of this IT estate is being operated by multiple external service providers, making management even more complex. At the same time, the role of the CIO is becoming increasingly difficult as we move into what analyst firm IDC calls the third platform of computing – social, mobile, cloud and big data – which is transforming business way faster than the first – mainframe – or second – client/server – platforms.

This has put huge pressure on CIOs. As well as innovate, they are expected to keep costs down, while maintaining an infrastructure that meets business demands as enterprises go through digital transformation. To answer these challenges and stay ahead of the curve, CIOs are turning to hybrid cloud, comprising a mix of on-premises, private cloud and, public cloud services with coordinated and automated tasks between the various platforms. When the enterprise’s very own on-premises infrastructure and assets are coupled with cloud we arrive at hybrid IT…